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     Providing integrated solutions for building decoration industry
  To meet the requests of enterprises and the market, the 2016 CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) will be held from March 23rd-26th in National Convention & Exhibition Center (Shanghai). With the big trend of "cross-over branding, custom integration" in the building decoration industry, CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) will fill the market void in eastern China, where there used to be no national level building decoration fair that can cover the whole industry. Taking advantage of the upgrading, CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) will definitely become a new platform for showcasing building decoration brands. As CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) exerts influence in northern China while CBD Fair (Guangzhou) exerts its influence in southern China, the two fairs strengthen with each other.  

In June 2015, CBD-IBCTF made its successful debut in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) features "custom integration and cross-over development", covering themes such as custom-made furnishing, doors and windows, hardware, wall fabrics, and etc. It aims to break new grounds for exhibitors and provide an exhibition platform that truly fits diverse cross-over operations in the building decoration industry.

Landbond Corten
At CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai), Landbond Corten upholds its concept of "having an attitude for design", and further upgrades the new concept of "custom-made whole house". Landbond Corten demonstrates its strengths as a famous brand in the bespoke sector, and has won recognition and support by a great number of visitors and clients.

With its "thousand-store plan and hundred-city" strategy, MAICO has been expanding continuously. At CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai), MAICO has laid solid groundwork for a new round of national expansion. During the fair, MAICO has attracted incessant stream of visitors and clients.

As a fore-runner in green custom-made furnishing, PATERSON has brought its new products for 2015 mix-match colored series to the fair, with a focus on "whole house solutions, green custom-made furnishing." The booth of PATERSON has attracted crowds of visitors.

At CBD-IBCTF, OLO has made a high profile appearance with its brand-new "whole house custom-made solutions". OLO draws wide attention with its amazing products. OLO has officially announced its foray into the "whole house custom-made solutions".
At CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai), PAUCHIE focuses on "whole house custom-made solutions", and launches an integrated reform fearing hardware, software, management and mindset in the bespoke home sector under Home Industry 4.0 system. As the only brand that pursues Home Industry 4.0, PAUCHIE whole house custom-made model has attracted tremendous attention.

Samsung SDS
CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) was held in Shanghai for the first time, the foot traffic was satisfactory. We hope that the organizer can invite more brands to attend the fair so that CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) can become a star exhibition like CBD Fair (Guangzhou).
At CBD-IBCTF, Bucalus, one of the top suppliers of doors and windows in Asia-Pacific, has displayed its brand-new marketing concepts and top-notched products during the 4 days. Bucalus has significantly improved its brand recognition and reputation and has attracted the highest level of attention from visitors.


* Due to limited space, we can only lista few exhibitors which are ordered randomly.

* The above content is excerpt from theofficial websites of exhibitors, wechat and related media


Exhibition Zone

 Hall3 / Hall4.1 - Greater Customized Home Decoration

 Hall1 / Hall2 - Greater Doors and Windows

Greater Customized Home Decoration
Customized wardrobe, customized solid 
wood decoration, whole-wood decoration, 
whole-house customized decoration, 
machinery, accessories and materials, soft 
packaging, fabrics, wall decorations, smart 

Greater Doors and Windows
Aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors, door and window systems, aluminum and wood doors and windows, machinery, architecture decoration hardware, accessories and materials.


In-depth Promotion – Connecting Dots

CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) organizes promotion events in Eastern China and covers the 3-hour high-speed train radius of Shanghai. CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) also launches advertisement in Hongqiao Airport/Subway and promotion campaigns will in 40 supermarkets in Eastern China. CBD-IBCTF(Shanghai) carries out in-depth promotion in first-tier and second-tier cities in Eastern China and sends out invitation to customers in third-tier and fourth-tier cities in Northeastern China and Eastern China. It also utilizes strong resources and channels of Canton Fair and will graduallyprogress into more international exhibition.

Sharing – Resources from Three Major Fairs

CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) partners with more than one hundred media to form "Media Co-operation Alliance". The media includes newspapers, magazines, industry websites and mobile apps. Articles about exhibitors and exhibition highlights are reposted for over 10,000 times at each fair.

Features-Design + Forum

CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) will continue tofeature “design, customized, cross-over” and other industry hot themes. Itcombines smartness and the Internet Plus trends and hosts a series of high-endactivities. CBD-IBCTF (Shanghai) looks forward to joining hands with industry elitesto boost the development of the building materials and home furnitureindustries.

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